Saturday, July 28, 2012

Come be a part of the next stage of Omaha Bikes…

As many individuals are aware, Omaha Bikes has recently launched a new website (are you coming to our special HHH to celebrate?), and we are entering a new stage of our journey. We are looking for talented individuals to join the Omaha Bikes leadership team in one of many specific capacities. Do you have a special interest or skill set that can elevate Omaha Bikes' impact in the metro area? Take a look at the positions we hope to fill and if you are interested or have questions send an email to or leave a comment. Or you can stop by any of our upcoming events and talk with someone about the organization.

We hope to select folks to fill these spots at or before our next meeting on August 14th.

Hey, we're kind of new at this, so take a look at these responsibilities and tell us what you think. Chances are you can do at least one of them better than we can, and we would love your help. Let us know why you're the right person for the job:
  • Events and Outreach Coordinator
    • Oversee planning for events such as Bike D'Lights, Discover Omaha tours, Dust Off Your Bike events, and Handlebar Happy Hours
    • Manage and coordinate the Bike Friendly Destination program
    • Ensure events and tags on website are accurate and complete
    • Receive and respond to emails submitted via “events” widget
    • Manage newsletters, email groups, and social media
    • Activate members around advocacy opportunities
  • Bike Valet & Volunteer Coordinator
    • Act as the point person for events wishing to use Omaha Bikes’ valet system
    • Work with events to plan for use of the system
    • Provide expertise on use of the Bike Valet system
    • Maintain and track data on system users for each event
    • Work with the Treasurer to record revenue and donations from Valet
    • Work with Events Coordinator to recruit volunteers as needed for other events (e.g., ride leaders)
  • Blog and News Coordinator
    • Ensure blog is updated with regular content
    • Manage website "users" and monitor blog submissions
    • Recruit other Omaha Bikes leaders to write content
    • Monitor local and national news outlets for relevant stories and compile for blog
    • Monitor and post stolen bike alerts
    • Manage tags for blog post content
  • Bike Shop and Club Liaison
    • Regularly communicate with local bike shop managers and club presidents
    • Ensure managers and presidents are aware of Omaha Bikes’ priorities and events
    • Recruit shops and clubs to help with membership drives, volunteer recruitment, donations, and so on
    • Closely work with Events and Outreach Coordinator to continuously cross-post shop and club events on
  • Treasurer & Membership Coordinator
    • Pull monthly membership data
    • Provide regular reports to group on financial situation and memberships
    • Track financials and work with leadership team to develop Omaha Bikes’ annual budget
    • Work with LiveWell Omaha to establish a financial reporting plan
    • Receive emails submitted through the membership widget
    • Regularly review and approve membership payments

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