Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Community Spotlight (Redd Shift)

In the past few years social networking has become extremely popular. Places like facebook, Linked In, and blogs (just to name a few) have made it easy to keep informed of what your friends are up to, or keep your fiends informed about you.

One of the reasons Omaha has such a thriving bike community is the people that have taken the time to engage the cycling community online as well as off. The wealth of knowledge and the ease of access to this community of people that ride bikes (for fun and utility) is impressive.

As part of an ongoing series of posts, BikeOmaha will be highlighting various members of the Omaha biking community. Keep in mind that BikeOmaha is not affiliated with and does not specifically condone all the content you may find at these sites. They are the property of unique individuals with diverse interests and character and therefore contain views and opinions of the author and community surrounding them.

One such member of the Omaha biking community is Scott Redd at his Redd Shift blog. Scott has this to say about his blog:

"While we are a three car family, I am trying to limit my driving to necessary trips only. I'll try to ride my bicycle for all trips within a reasonable distance around my home. This blog will explore bike commuting issues."

Scott has been commuting since July 17 of 2008. Check out his blog and you will find a wealth of information about his journey into the bike commuting lifestyle.

If you know of other community members that you would like to see spotlighted, drop us a comment with the URL and we will take a look.

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