Monday, January 26, 2009

Spring "Crank and Camp"

Last fall a couple brave souls decided to ride the Wabash Trace and camp overnight at the southern end of the trail. The weather was cold with temps below freezing overnight. However, the trip was a success and several other local cyclists requested that another trip be scheduled for the spring of 2009.

The spring "Crank and Camp" is scheduled for Saturday, April 18th through Sunday, April 19th. To make this trip more enjoyable and accessible to riders of all abilities, transportation of your camping supplies will be provided. More details will be provided as the date approaches.

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Biker Bob said...

The current plan is to load gear between 9:00 and 10:00am at The Iowa West Foundation Trailhead Park on Saturday morning. Riders will set up their own campsite, then tear it down the following morning, and load their gear into the transport vehicle prior to departing.

Participants can go all the way to the south end of the trail or only to the camping area if they desire. There is no deadline for arriving at the camping location.

We have a few options for camping, so we will pick a final camping location in the near future and provide details here.

NOTE: this is an unsupported ride. Other than having your gear transported from the start to the camping location then back to the park the following day, you will be on your own. Ride with a friend, bring a patch kit/tube/air, and bring a cell phone.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

RD said...

Hey Bob,
Would it be possible to load up gear night before for people who want to ride from home on the 18th without bringing their car to the trailhead ?
I would be down with helping loading things up that morning

Biker Bob said...

That would be fine. I can get directions to anyone that wants to stop by my place and load their gear the night before. You'll also need to pick said gear up at my place on Sunday night.