Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Economic Recovery Bill...Your help needed!

NaugaBike over at the THOR Blog posted an article about how the two versions of the "Economic Recovery Bill" (one from the House and one from the Senate) have one important difference.

"The House and the Senate have each passed their own version of the Economic Recovery Bill, aimed at creating jobs and stimulating the economy. Both bills include billions for transportation infrastructure, but only the House bill includes funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects in the Transportation Enhancements program. The House bill includes approximately $1.35 billion for Transportation Enhancements of which 50-60% is traditionally spent on bicycle and pedestrian projects. The Senate bill does not explicitly include Transportation Enhancements, so it’s unclear whether this funding will be in the final bill."

Check out the original article to find out how YOU can help ensure that the final bill contains funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects.

But most importantly, you need to pick up the phone, call your senators, and voice your opinion if you want to make a difference. You can find your senator and contact info here and your house representatives here.

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GetActive said...

Thanks for posting this!! This directly affects bike commuting, pedestrian traffic and the work of Safe Routes to School.

The things I recommend noting when writing your letter to your representatives:
Bicycle and pedestrian improvements give families cheaper transportation options to access their workplaces, schools, and public transit. And, shifting people out of their cars and onto their feet and bikes helps with reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution. It's also a healthier option for people.

The Transportation Enhancements program will allow bicycle and pedestrian projects to be funded as part of the economic recovery - which will create construction jobs, use construction materials, get local businesses working, and help Main Street economies.

· The CDC's Healthy Communities program would provide funding to local communities to implement community wellness activities addressing critical problems like obesity. These activities will help stimulate public health jobs while building stronger, healthier communities which will save money. For every dollar we invest in community prevention, it saves five dollars in health care costs in just five years.

Both the Safe Routes to School National Partnership and the League of American Bicyclists have form letters for you to use, if interested.