Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring "Crank and Camp" - Update

The 2009 Spring Crank and Camp is only 5 weeks away. So get your bike out and start riding. While you're at it, dust off your camping gear and drag those sleeping bags out of the attic.

Please read the details below so that you can plan accordingly and feel free to leave a comment if you have specific questions.

Who: Anyone with a bike that can ride 57 miles safely

What: Spring Crank and Camp (bike ride down the Wabash to Coin, IA to camp overnight and bike back the following day)

When: Saturday, April 18th and Sunday, April 19th

Where: Meet at the Iowa West Foundation Trailhead Park park between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. on the 18th to load up your gear. Then ride down the Wabash to Coin, IA. Some riders will continue down the Wabash to the Missouri border in Blanchard then head back to Coin, IA to camp. If you want to make an earlier start, leave a comment and we can coordinate loading your gear on Friday night instead of Saturday morning. That way you can start as early as you want on Saturday.

Why: Because it's fun and a healthy challenge.

Cost: Camping fees are $5 per tent plus $2 per person. Each rider will also need to purchase 2 one day passes ($1 each day) or a season pass ($10 for the year) in order to ride on the Wabash Trace.

What we transport for you: Each rider should bring one sleeping bag, bedroll, tent, and a SMALL bag (for clothes/non-perishable food). Keep in mind that average temps historically have been around 41ºF to 65ºF with a record high of 88ºF and a record low of 25º. Watch the weather forecast and pack accordingly. Anything else you want to bring will need to be carried on your bike to Coin and back. Leave a comment if you want to make a special arrangement to bring something else and we will see if we can accommodate you.

Food: Each rider will be responsible for the cost of meals along the way. Some of the smaller towns will not take credit cards, so bring some cash as well.

Safety: Each person should travel with a cell phone and with one other rider. If the rider has mechanical or physical issues and can not complete the ride, it will be that riders responsibility to arrange transportation back home and to pick up there transported gear at a later date. There will be people attending with a WIDE range of a abilities, so it shouldn't be difficult to find somebody you can ride with. Please do not ride Solo. Each rider will also need to carry the necessary tools and supplies to fix any mechanical issues they might have along the way. Patch kit, pump/CO2, multi-tools, and spare tubes are good things to always have with you when you ride.

RAIN/MUD: If the forecast calls for rain, we will post here if the trip down the Wabash will be canceled. We will NOT ride the Wabash if it is muddy as it would damage the trail. We will check trail conditions on Friday afternoon, and post on Bike Omaha by 8:00 p.m. with "Go"/"No Go" details.


Scott Redd said...

Excellent post, Bob. Everything is well disclosed, and great advice given. It might be useful to bring a headlight, and batteries, as well. You never know when you'll get caught out in the dark.

What kind of tire would you recommend for this? For example, I've got the stock 700cx35 hybrid tires that come on my 7300, plus the studded winter tires (with studs almost worn down) that are knobby 35s.

Will there be any cooking facilities available or transported? Camp stove, firewood, etc?

I still don't know if I can make it, but I'm certainly giving it some thought. A lot of it depends on other people's (family member's) schedules.

Biker Bob said...

I'd agree that having a headlight handy would be a good idea.

Munson and I rode this last year. I rode with 35c city tires, and Munson used 28c road/city tires without issues. I wider tire will be a tad more comfortable and secure feeling.

I do plan to bring at least one grill-to-go. EB said he could provide a camp stove. Firewood is a great idea. I don't mind bringing a few things like this, but we will not have room for many such items. I've also considered having a largish cooler available with ice to put over stuff once it's loaded. That way people can have stuff for dinner/breakfast if they don't want to eat at restaurants for all meals.

munsoned said...

Also should add cost and type of each food place we might hit.

Mineola (a little early only 10 miles into the ride): Mineola Steakhouse - what the name implies, lotsa meat, mostly fried, maybe a side salad. Around $8 for a full meal

Malvern(mile 22): C&M's Cafe, and Bowler Bistro & Coffee. I haven't been to either so I can't comment on this. My dad says the Cafe is like most mom and pop small town cafes and the Bowler Bistro has healthier deli type items.

Imogene(mile 35): Emerald Isle - not sure if this is still open, there's one eating place along the trail that closed recently.

Shenandoah(mile 44): Depot Deli - great food of various kinds. $7-$15 per meal.

Coin(end of ride): The Gold Coin - much like Mineola Steakhouse. Lots of meat, maybe a side salad, $8 or so.

So if we do stop at a restaurant for each meal down and back, that can add up quick. For those wanting their own diet (vege) or to save money, make sure to allow extra room on the bike to take along.

Another great resource for Wabash information is here.

Looking forward to this and hope many can join us!

Biker Bob said...

Thanks munsoned... great information. Depending on the number of participants, we may have space to transport some food.

Right now there is no mechanism for us to count how many people are planning to attend. So we are trying to be conservative at this point with how much we will offer to transport to Coin.

James Oiler said...

Hey, Is there anyone considering making this trip with their kids?
I have two who are both under six years of age. They are rather 'hardcore' for their age.
If we do come we'll be riding a good old 12 speed Haro commuter bike with Gary Fisher Freeloader attached and Burley Two seater at the rear. I can pull this rig nearly all day if the terrain is fairly flat.
If anyone is thinking of making this run with at similar set-up I'd love to pair up with you.
I can be reached at 402-250-2244 Name is Jim.

T-bone said...

I have it on my calendar and looking forward to it. Hope the weather is nice that weekend.

Biker Bob said...

Jim... That is quite the train you would be pulling. I've done about 40 miles on the Wabash pulling a double trailer with one 6 year old in it. I was spent when we got done. My two 6 year old boys will be camping with us in Coin. So your youngsters should have somebody to play with.

I would say that it's possible, but keep in mind that the wabash has no big hills but it is pretty much always a slight up or downhill. There are very few actual flat areas on the trail.

There will be casual riders joining us, so you may be able to find somebody that will ride with you, but I can't say for sure.

T-Bone, glad to hear you plan to join us.

Scott Redd said...

Does anyone have a GPS route, google map, MapMyRide or Bikely route for the Wabash that they could share.



Biker Bob said...

I think Munson has a partial GPS map of the trail.

munsoned said...

Yes, I do, on my Plus3network account. And I attempted to send it to Scott since he's one of my friends on Plus3. However, I'm not sure if it went through.

Looking at the Garmin website, downloading my rides does no work with my lower level (205) GPS device. That fancy connectivity is currently reserved for the nicer (read: more expensive) 605 and 705 models. Garmin says they are working on it though.

Scott Redd said...

My wife and I are riding down to Shenandoah next week, so I probably won't be able to get away the next weekend for another ride.

I may be able to meet you all at the start and ride out for a couple of hours before turning back home.

Biker Bob said...

Have a good trip this weekend Scott.

I'm watching the weather closely to see what the extended forecast looks like next weekend.