Friday, September 11, 2009

BOCC Grand Prize Winner!

Congratulations to Dennis Day from URS, the winner of the new Kona Smoke commuter bike that was generously donated by The Bike Way. ( We had several nominations for very worthy candidates, and it was very hard to choose.

Dennis was nominated by URS Team Captain, Brian Osborne. His letter stated in part:

"We have quite a few experienced riders in our office, plus one guy, Dennis Day, who we kind of prodded into participating. He pulled out his Trek 820 from 15 years ago (and supplemented that bike with his 30-year old Fuji Grand Tour from college...whoever said road bikes are light was way wrong on this beast). He said in the last 10 years he only rode his bike a little (although I think he rode to work a couple times last year during the challenge) but really started getting into it this year. He rode more than I expected, especially since he was traveling for work during a good chunk of the event."

Here are Dennis' words on the challenge..."During the challenge I was travelling for about 6 weeks straight and could not ride to work. Last week I rode 4 times to work. I rode today and I plan on riding everyday possible even into the winter. I just feel so much better and I am even more productive when I ride to work. If I don't ride to work, I frankly feel depressed and sluggish all day. "

We're glad to be able to help Dennis keep his love of bike commuting alive and well with this new ride. Congrats to all of our riders, experienced and novice alike.


Scott Redd said...

Congrats to Dennis!

I'm still trying to figure out how he got it home, considering he cycled to the event.

Maybe he just tossed the old bike into the creek. :)

2sean9er said...

Unfortunately the bike was too small for him.

GetActive said...

Hmmm...I'll have to check to be sure...but I think the bike shop that donated the bike let him bring it in and swap it out with something that did work for him. I'd have to double check.