Tuesday, November 10, 2009

cranksgiving this saturday 11.12.09

From http://cranksgiving-omaha.blogspot.com/

Time: The race starts at noon, but you need to be there around 11:15 to check in, sign the waiver (in which you promise not to get killed -- or at least not blame us for it) and get your bike ready. The shopping list will be distributed at 11:50, and the Le Mans start is at noon. You'll like the Le Mans start. It's fun. Really.

Lots of good info at the link above.

All the food and items collected go to the local Food Bank. Cranksgiving is a reason to ride; for many, a chance to ride in small groups; and collect food for those in need.


Biker Bob said...

Sounds like some people are having breakfast on the way there. Feel free to join them if you want.

BlogDaCzech said...

FYI, Saturday is the 14th. This event is a ton of fun, and it's for a good cause. See ya there!

The D said...

So Bob...are you racing SS or geared this year? I need to know who my competition is.

Biker Bob said...

Actually, this year I plan to show up with my son on a trail-a-bike and just donate $20 and eat some soup. I'm currently not planning to race. If I do, we will just ride down to target to get all the items then ride back. But I think the $20 direct donation is more affective at buying food for the food bank.