Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nice Infrastructure

David Hembrow's biking blog A View From the Cycle Path highlights with video some excellent biking infrastructure in a few towns of the Netherlands.


Scott Redd said...

Beautiful city with interesting bike and pedestrian infrastructure. And it's remarkably FLAT! :)

dale said...

Restricting use of cars in the city center takes a lot of political strongarming. Old Market, downtown Benson, downtown Dundee would be great places to restrict through traffic to certain hours.

South O has reworked 24th St. I went there a couple evenings this summer and what they have is a auto cruise night developing. That is retro to 50's and 60's, not pedestrian centered and future looking. No bike lanes either.

Omaha is fortunate to have private money ($600K) from Kewit and an anonymous donor for bike lanes. But the bike lane specifications haven't been given priority over other work, so the Benson route didn't get done this Fall as announced. If the city wants to become bicycle friendly, it has to make the tuff decisions, giving bike lanes priority over other projects, in order to make it happen. Talk is easy, let's follow up the talk with decisions that result in on-the-street action.

David Hembrow said...

Thanks for featuring my video. You'll perhaps find the accompanying blog post interesting as it shows some before and after photos and includes costings for the work.

Scott: The bike is a Sinner Mango velomobile.

Yes, it is quite flat here. However, that's not true of all of the Netherlands. While the capital of the hilliest province has a low cycling rate by Dutch standards, it's still ahead of most cities elsewhere.

Joel said...

David, You've done an excellent job of showing off the bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure in the Netherlands. It's nice to see what is possible. Thank you for sharing.