Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Say Thanks + Make a Statement

Just a reminder about the MAT event to say thank you to Senator Nelson for his help in securing funding for the Bob Kerry Pedestrian bridge, bike racks on the busses and some new busses for their fleet: http://bikeomaha.blogspot.com/2009/11/show-your-support.html

We will need some cyclists who can demonstrate the bike racks, and most of all, we'd like to have a nice contingent of helmeted types to show some very visible support!

We are forming a group at Gifford Park (33rd/Cass) to ride to the event: roll out at 2:15 and cruise down Burt St. The more the merrier - any and all welcome. If you want to leave a comment below if you're coming so that I can get a tentative helmet count, that would be fantastico. :)
Hope to see you all there!!


Kurt said...

I am going but will likely ride from my home in Benson, so I'll probably go directly there. I RSVPed tonight.

dale said...

I plan to make it, hopefully clothed and in my right mind. See you at Gifford Park.

il professore said...

I'll be there...not for the ride, I'm riding from downtown.

Biker Bob said...

I will not be able to attend. I am, however, looking forward to seeing some pictures and video of the event. HINT HINT ;-)

dale said...

About 7 or so met at Gifford Park and rode to MAT. Several bikers were already there. Activate Omaha (bikers) were mentioned with other dignataries 8-)as attending. Heard 6000 bikes had used the bus racks since installation earlier this year. MAT said the racks are successful beyond expectations.

Hopefully within a year, bus routes will be on twitter so you can get tweets for real time bus locations in order to minimize bus stop waiting.

I did the ride and bus thing last Thursday to downtown. Took about the same time as riding. Great to save legs for riding from downtown with others or into IA. Able to read paper, support MAT, and plant idea for others others to consider bike and bus.