Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Sweet Taste of Success!

FINALLY ... and after 2 hours of Murphy's Law in full effect (in the form of everything that can go wrong with a bike tire)... we got to taste the fruits of our labor with the Bike Blender last night! The photo shows our strawberry banana vanilla soy milk smoothie about to experiece the power of the "pedal puree" setting!!
Lessons learned: use crushed ice instead of cubed, and smaller pieces of fruit ... but OH MY, it was tasty!! :)
Still some cosmetic/clean up work and signage to do on the bike itself, but that won't be too hard.
I cannot say thank you enough to Duane from the Community Bike Shop and to Scott Redd for all of their help on this project - we've been down there a lot of Wednesday nights! This will be fantastic way to promote our Safe Routes to School initiative.

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