Wednesday, December 23, 2009

CBSO Party - Bike Blender in action!

A fabulous and festive time was had by all at the Community Bike Shop Christmas party on Tuesday night!  Thanks to all for the great hospitality.  The spirit in the place was awesome (as always), and you never leave without feeling a profound sense of community.

We put the bike blender to good use, making chocolate mint smoothies!  The key to a good chocolate mint smoothies is peppermint ice cream (apologies to our vegan friends who had to forgo on this one - although we gave it a shot with just vanilla soy milk, chocolate syrup and peppermint flavoring). 
We had to pedal by hand since we didn't have a trainer on hand to use.  Aaron (see photo) was able to get it going about 32mph, which was clearly in the "liquify" category!!   Also note that the blenderologists have also hooked up LED lights to the tire generator, so not only do we get smoothies, but we get a light show, too. 

Pedal Power!! 

P.S.:  If you want to hear "the rest of the story" involving peppermint smoothies, an electric blender, and a complete and total kitchen disaster, you can check it out HERE.


Scott Redd said...

The improvised vegan smoothie was very good. In place of regular ice cream, one can use a banana and/or vegan ice cream.

Thanks for writing about the holiday party. It was fun!

BlogDaCzech said...

OK, now I want to see the plans for a pedal powered snow plow.

AOJules said...

OOH! Don't tempt us!!! :)

AOJules said...

Oh Lord...never should have googled this.... but it has been done!!

Duane? Thoughts?? :) ha ha