Monday, December 7, 2009

Will we Bike De'lights in the white stuff?

Bike De'Lights rescheduled for Friday, December 18.

The quantity of snow on the trails and streets that we will be using, along with the forcasted single digit temps on Friday, would make this a difficult ride for casual riders. The extended forcast for the 18th looks much better, and most of the snow should be off of the streets and trails by then. See you on the 18th.

The first annual Bike De'Lights ride is quickly approaching. Most of us have noticed that some of the "White Stuff" has covered many of the Omaha roads and trails. With more snow on the way on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday, we are keeping a close eye on the road and trail conditions along our proposed route. We will announce the final Go/No Go for the ride here and here on Friday by noon so that you can plan accordingly.

If the trails are not in a condition acceptable for our younger riders, we will move the ride to the scheduled weather delay date of Friday, December 18th.

Stay tuned, and get out there and Bike Omaha.


The Douglas said...

Ha! My snow dance worked. I'll be back in town on the 18th and will plan on attending this ride assuming weather is manageable.

AOJules said...

It seems to me that your definition "Mangeable biking weather" is quite broad, Mr.Douglas... baclava and goggle wearing bike commuter that you are. We'll assume you'll be there. :)

The Douglas said...

:) There isn't much than will keep me off my bike, but today's weather came awful close.

I'll plan to ride the 18th. And I'll plan on bringing my flask for inner warming.

Biker Bob said...

Seems to me that wearing Baclava might be a bit sticky. But oh so yummy.

A Balaclava would be helpful in keeping one warm though. ;-)

dale said...

Danna and I caught "The Blind Side" at Midtown Crossing Marcus Theatre last night. Cried and laughed, based on true story. Surprised how much the actors look like the real family.

General seating is first three rows but surprisingly I didn't get headache being that close. Our showing was pretty full. $9/adult and $11 for largest soda and popcorn (refillable).

Parking Garage next to Marcus Theatre is free for first 3 hours, than $1/hr afterwards.

1st floor of theatre has room for 15+ people, just auto ticket dispensors and flat screen advertising. 2nd floor is bar - alcohol only. 3rd floor is ticket sales, popcorn/drink and tables to sit (had 3 piece band for background music). 4th floor is restaurant/bar (? didn't go up to check).

Lots of choices to hang if you get there early - just be ready to roll outside at 7.

We then drove the bike de'lights route - good call on moving it to the 18th. Bike paths were cleared but street plows plugged street crossings. Field Club streets were rideable but challenging. Too slippery for trailers, imo.

I was surprised at the lack of lights in the Field Club. I would suggest a slight alteration to the route to get the most lights. See map link below.

To even out the distance between first two stops at 4 miles, maybe we should go
E Leavenworth
N 13th
to coffee stop instead of through ConAgra. There are no lights in ConAgra except off 10th St which with slight alteration to route can ride by.

I'm thinking a family pace of about 6-8 mph so about 30-40 minutes to ride, then 20-30 minutes for coffee/snack and warmup.

Leave 13th St coffee at 8. (If larger turnout, another coffee shop at Howard and 12th (across from Magee Moo) is available for overflow.

See altered map for suggested tweaks in Field Club, Old Market, Gene Leahy Mall.

Looking forward to a nice social ride on the 18th!

NaugaBike said...

Have a good ride. Wish I could be riding with you.

Biker Bob said...

Good times... I can't wait. My son is excited too.

dale said...

Joe and I scouted the route this morning and made minor changes around the Field Club. The final route is on this map.

Had a great time in daylight, will be great in dark.

See you at the theatre!

Biker Bob said...

Cool... see you in a few hours.