Monday, January 11, 2010

Guerrilla Trail Crew takes action

We have mentioned the Guerrilla Trail Crew before on Omaha Bikes.  This weekend the Guerrilla Trail Crew took matters into their own hands and made a difference.  If you use Omaha trails, and want to make a big difference on keeping them available year round for everyone that uses them for transportation and recreation, then stop by the Guerrilla Trail Crew blog and see how you can help out.

These guys are awesome.  Now were did I put my extra snow shovel.


brady said...

This effort gets a WSCG Seal of Approval. Thank you for organizing and taking the time to clear the trails for others.

JordyC said...

If you're interested in reading/seeing more, check out this article from

Or swing over to the Guerrilla Trail Club's homepage.

Hope to see you next time!