Friday, January 15, 2010

Safe Route Sunday

Please help by taking part in Safe Route Sunday.  No formalities, no rsvp's, no meetings ... find a drift blocking a sidewalk and clear it. 

Intersections near schools need particular attention.  Kids are climbing mounds of snow/ice to get across streets, and it is very dangerous.  Yes, somebody else shoulda coulda woulda, but the kids who are on foot everyday shouldn't have to pay the price. 

We are so inspired by the Guerilla Trail Crew that cleared part of the Keystone trail last weekend - let's all pick up a shovel and do our part this weekend!


Chris G. said...

I've considered having some official-looking signs printed that say "Safe Routes To School - Please Plow Carefully" to remind plow drivers to not bury sidewalks near schools.

I live on a pedestrian route to a middle school and a high school.

I pride myself on being shoveled out before school. It's my civic duty.

I'll be out there digging drifts on Sunday. Great idea!

The Douglas said...

Safe Route Sundays! I like it.

Or how about Civic Duty Sundays?! One day a week where citizens and neighbors spend an afternoon addressing problems in their communities.

AOJules said...

Hmmm... it also just occured to me that many folks use Martin Luther King day as a day of service ... what a perfect opportunity to extend our blitz into Monday!?

JordyC said...

I know I was certainly pumped yesterday to find randomly most of the sidewalks along Dodge in a much better state than the last time I passed by. The snow clearing fairies must have been out. Makes some of the treacherous sections so much easier!

Couldn't make today's Guerrilla action, but I had a blast writing about the last one, so you know I'll be back! I'll try to atone with a random act of service until then.

Let's all keep up the good work!

The Douglas said...

Great job Jordy! Thanks again for the fine article on

I've heard of several people performing random acts of snow clearing after learning of the GTC's mission. Community action is taking on!