Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wanted: Bike Trainer

You may have heard about the bike blender?  Have I mentioned that before?  At any rate, you are probably (painfully) aware by now that we have the awesome homemade bike blender on the vintage tandem bike that we created at the Community Bike Shop.  The mini-grant we received from the National Center for Safe Routes to School has money in the budget for a commercially made bike now we will have two!  We already have the blenders booked for some school events coming up! 

The issue:  We need a trainer to set up the bike blender bikes.  I have used our personal one so far, but it would make things much easier if we had a dedicated one that can be stored/transported with the bikes.  It obviously does not need to be in spectacular working condition; but it does need to be able to support elementary school kids who want to see how fast they can pedal.  :) 

If we could get an old trainer donated to us, I would jump for joy!!  The other thought I had was to do some sort of bike trainer fundraiser night, with the proceeds going towards purchasing one....but we'll try the donation route first.

You can contact me at jharris (at) activateomaha (dot) org if you have one and want to make a deal! 

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Stuart said...

Great to see the Bike Blender out an about! Great work and thank you Duane, Julie, and Scott for making a fun leaning machine! Keep us posted on the blender's travels.