Friday, March 5, 2010

Midtown Crossing --> Dundee

OK, I started out trying to figure out a handful of people who could give me an opinion on this, but then realized that I might as well save the keystrokes and just put it out here....

Today's OmahaBikes survey: If you had to recommend a route for someone to bike from Midtown Crossing to the Blue Line Coffee in Dundee, what would it be? If you have two options ... one that was more beginner friendly and one that was for a more experieinced cyclist, that would be even better.

I appreciate your help! Julie


brady said...

Hi Julie. I recommend going south to Leavenworth. Leavenworth has a wide lane that can (more) safely accommodate bikes. Plus, it's not too hilly. Take Leavenworth to 50th St. Go right on 50th until you get to Underwood.

50th Street is not too bad as far as traffic goes. It also offers a gradual all the way to old town Dundee.

Option: if you'd like to avoid as much traffic as possible, take the first right on s 48th ST to Howard St. Go left on Howard to 50th. Go right on 50th. Continue across Dodge to Capitol. Go Right on Capitol to 49th. Left on 49th to Underwood. Note that this route has a steeper hill at Howard ST, but you'll have no traffic at all for that stretch. Here's a google Map

munsoned said...

I like Brady's route, but I might make one small change. Instead of turning on 50th at Howard, I'd suggest going up to 51st St. This road doesn't get much auto traffic, and it has a pedestrian tunnel under Dodge Street (West sidewalk of 51st). So waiting with cars for the light to change to cross Dodge isn't an issue.

A couple drawbacks though: the hill from 50th to 51st is pretty steep, I would be careful around the ped tunnel(ice, debris, shady people can all be found at various times), and finally - 51st is a one way street(the wrong way) between Davenport and Chicago for Dundee elementary school, but only at certain times.

Here's the modified google Map.

Steve said...

I don't see any reason to go all the way down to Leavenworth. That street isn't very nice to ride on, and it doesn't really avoid any hills between Midtown Crossing and Dundee. Just take Farnum (multiple lanes one way and downhill) all the way to 46th Street (where Caffeine Dreams is located), and take a right there. Go north one block to Douglas (very low traffic) and take that up the hill to the west to 49th Street. 49th Street is a nice ride all the way to Underwood. Take a left there, and you're in the heart of Dundee. I ride this route nearly everyday (on my way to work at BLC).

AOJules said...

Thanks, everyone! This is exactly the info I was needing. Any other alternatives out there?

Anybody have thoughts on crossing Dodge at 33rd and accessing that way? Too hilly?