Thursday, March 11, 2010

World Environment Day Event Help!

Hi all!  I'm helping organize the events for World Environment Day 2010 ( ) .  The week of May 2nd-8th is Alternative Transportation Week and I'm in charge of organizing some events.  We will have a little commuting clinic at Greenstreet Cycles that Saturday as well as a bike ride.  We'll also be highlighting the current events and rides that are bike-related that week.  If anyone has an event that they know of or want to create, let me know!  Here's a link to the site and form that will allow you to create and submit your own event.

Thanks for the help!

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dale said...

A couple of thoughts:
- "Event form needs to be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date of the theme week selected."
So all events for transportation week need to be in by Saturday, April 17.

The theme for WED 2010 “Biodiversity: Connecting with Nature.”

Like Sarah mentioned, all the organized bike rides should be entered. If you coordinate a bike shop, club, or other ride, please submit your ride as an event.

Mountain bike, road, or any bike ride transports people in an enviromentally sustainable mode while also improving their health and allows them to experience flora and fauna.

As far as meeting the Green Omaha Coalition mission, their goal of "healthy communities" is most applicable. Bike riding is physically, mentally, and spiritually invigorating.