Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maybe cars are better!

I've been bike commuting for almost 5 years now.  It's been a mixed blessing, and now I'm having second thoughts.  Bike commuting has some downsides that I am finding hard to ignore.  I've had to spend several hundered dollars on bike repairs during those 5 years.  My car sits mostly unused in my driveway and my neighbors are starting to wonder if it even runs anymore.  I have had to replace most of my clothing during those 5 years as I have lost much of my hard earned suburban cushion and my old clothes no longer fit me.  My friends are starting to think I'm a bit daft because I always talk about how I look forward to the commute home.  I'm also spending way to much time talking and blogging about why I use my bike for transportation, and it's becoming a distraction.

So today I drove to work instead.  What a refreshing change of pace.  I got to work in 20 minutes instead of 55 minutes.  I was able to roll my window down and enjoy the sounds of heavy traffic on I680, which I had missed for so long.  I also got to work alert and awake after my heart started racing while driving next to an 18 wheeler hauling "flammable materials" that crossed into my lane on more than one occasion.  Another added benefit of driving to work, was that I was able to go to lunch accross town and enjoy a Bronco's Burger.  Man that tasted much better than the outmeal and fruit I had in my office.  Plus, driving allows me to make a quick trip to my doctor's office (also across town) to have my blood pressure and Cholesterol checked more regularly.

So, with all the benefits of driving to work, and the difficulties and expenses ossiciated with riding my bike to work, I have decide to sell my bikes and invest those funds into heart medication and gift certificates to Burger King.  It's been nice getting to know all of you.  Please remember to use the sidewalk when biking.  This is "Belly Bob" signing off.  Enjoy this lovely 1st day of April, and go for a DRIVE in the country.

UPDATED April 2, 2010 - Happy April Fools everyone.


dale said...

You really drove today because you didn't want to face 40+ mph gusts on the ride home.

Thankfully, this decision and story shows you can still be saved from the dark side of green transportation.

Without driving regularly, you became a panzi. More aggressive driving and you would have cleared that semi instead of driving the speed limit and staying in his danger zone.

The cost of your heart meds are likely offset by insurance whereas you have to pay for better fitness and health yourself - you definitely don't know how to save money very well.

Hopefully you kept your fat clothes; soon the 90's will be in fashion again and you'll fit right in with the majority of car centric Americans.

Just don't forget to throw your fast food garbage out the window so you don't have to spend time cleaning the car when you get home.

Biker Bob said...

What was that Dale? I can't hear you very well. I think I may have damaged my hearing when I opened my window on the way to work today.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to the drive home. I got a new cell phone over lunch and plan to do some texting on the commute home.

Your right about my driving panzi'ness. I hope to improve quickly, after all it's like riding a bike, you don't forget how to do it. However, I was going for the rush one gets with flirting with death when I stayed next to the truck this morning. Good times.

Your also right about the insurance. I pay all those premiums, I might as well get my money's worth. A hospital stay might be free, but those bike shops never give me anything for free.

Unfortunately I used all those old clothes as shop rags when trying to clean those nasty dirty bikes. I'm not much for washing clothes and such, so I just tossed out those oil soaked rags once I was done with them. You can probably find some of them along the bank of the Keystone Trail.

Oh... and I tossed my Taco Bell trash our of the window as I went over the Keystone trail on Center Street. No use throwing it on the road when I can just throw it on that trail that never REALLY gets used. Plus, it will wash down stream when we get a good rainstorm.

Now excuse me while I go drive to Starbucks for another Venti Caramel Macchiato....YUMMY!