Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stolen Bike

Our good friend Dale just reported that his bike has been stolen.  If you see this bike around town, please contact Dale (964.1080) to let him know where you saw it.

While we are on the subject; feel free to let us know if your bike has been swiped (OmahaBIKES AT gmail DOT com).  Send us a picture if possible, and we will try to get it posted on the blog.

With so many people starting to ride bikes in Omaha, it is likely that stolen bikes cases will be on the rise.

Update: This reminds me of another Stolen Bike story that had a happy ending.


brady said...

Sorry to read the news.

Report the serial number to the police. Pawn shops in Omaha and CB are required to report all serial numbers to the Police Pawn Unit before the merchandise hits the floor. That's how I got my bike back

dale said...

Found the s/n and in the que to file police report. Thanks for recording your stolen bike story.

Suggest OB link from front page to Brady's story with some title like,

"before/after your bike is stolen"

dale said...

Forgot "stolen bike" topic will bring up Brady's link.

Biker Bob said...

Linked to Brady's posts about his "big adventure".

matthewsteele said...

I'm with Brady; when my bike got stolen last year, he suggested I report it to the police, and about a month later I got it back from the pawn shop.

dale said...

Here is link to mary's return story.