Thursday, April 8, 2010

Who wants to be famous?

Omaha Bikes will be recording some video footage of the "Bike Omaha" bike lane network this Saturday.  We would love to have as many people along as possible so we can film other people riding along these sections of road.  Once the city paints the lanes, sharrows, and adds the "Bike Omaha" network signage, we will repeate this process so we can get a good BEFORE/AFTER view of the "Bike Omaha" network from a riders perspective.

We will be riding SLOW and stopping often to check the video, smell the roses, drink a few beverages, etc so all experience levels are welcome, but you should be comfortable riding in traffic.  Just wear what you usually commute/ride in and bring a few bucks for refreshments along the way.

If you have bike or helmet mountable video hardware, we could also use your help getting as much raw video as possible.

If you are interested, you can leave a comment here or contact us directly at OmahaBikes AT gmail DOT com and give us enough information for us to contact you to let you know where an when to meet up with us.  We will also update this post with time and location details tomorrow afternoon.

UPDATE: Meet at Benson Grind (6107 Maple Street) at 11:00am.  See you there.


Red said...

I do not have a camera but would be interested in helping out and email is

Biker Bob said...

Thanks Red. I'll drop you an email tomorrow afternoon with the when/where info.

Anonymous said...

Biker Bob I'm in.

Vernon J

Biker Bob said...

UPDATE: Meet at Benson Grind (6107 Maple Street) at 11:00am.

See you there.

Biker Bob said...

We will be riding the red route (west to east) and possibly the green route (east to west) in the attached map.

Meet at the Benson Grind coffee shop (6107 Maple Street) at 11:00 tomorrow. We can meet out back on the porch so we can have our bikes with us while we group up. We will head out by 11:20 and stop at Blue Line Coffee downtown when we are done getting video of the GREEN route.

You can call me at home tonight (573 THEN 8051) if you have any questions.

AOJules said...

Hey Fellas -
How did it go today? Anxious to hear the story. :)

Biker Bob said...

We had a great time and got the RED route filmed.