Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OmahaBikes Event on Saturday!

OmahaBikes invites all cyclists to come to Stinson Park on Saturday, May 29, beginning at 5:00 pm continuing to 7:00 pm to enjoy time meeting with other cyclists and enjoying some special bicycle activities. The Soul Dawgs will be giving a free concert in the park at 7pm, so stay for that, too!

This will be a fun family event in a very bike friendly location, right off the Keystone Trail. A new playground has been installed nearby as well, so the kiddos will have something fun to do once you get there.

Activities include:

MAT bike rack demo – A MAT bus will be available to all riders to try out the bike rack system. Try out your bike, or use one of the demo bikes that will be available.

Unusual and unique bikes –See a display of rare antique bikes from Omaha bike collector Don Rock, recumbent bikes, and some very unusual bikes built to accommodate people with special riding needs. If you have a unique or unusual bike, please bring it or ride it to the event and join the fun.

O.w.L. Bike Ride - Find out more about Omaha’s first ever night time summer urban bicycle ride – Omaha with Lights - scheduled to begin at 11:00 pm on Saturday, July 17. Talk to the ride organizers and get ideas about how to prepare for the ride and decorate your bike for what will be a fantastic night ride.

Community cycling “411” – Learn more about OmahaBikes, the new community based bicycling advocacy group, and talk to members of local bike clubs.

Hope to see you all there!


Biker Bob said...

I plan to be there. I'll have my kids with me and my wife will be joining me for the concert.

ananth said...

i can make it there for the ride i am sure