Monday, May 3, 2010

What does the CDC have to do with Transportation?

Well, everything, now that you mention it!

The CDC has just published its recommendations for transportation policy:

"Expanding the availability of, safety for, and access to a variety of transportation options and integrating health-enhancing choices into transportation policy has the potential to save lives by preventing chronic diseases, reducing and preventing motor-vehicle-related injury and deaths, improving environmental health, while stimulating economic development, and ensuring access for all people.

With this goal in mind, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified transportation policies that can have profound positive impact on health. CDC supports strategies that can provide a balanced portfolio of transportation choices that supports health and reduces health care costs. Transportation policy can:

•Reduce injuries associated with motor vehicle crashes
•Encourage healthy community design
•Promote safe and convenient opportunities for physical activity by supporting active transportation infrastructure
•Reduce human exposure to air pollution and adverse health impacts associated with these pollutants
•Ensure that all people have access to safe, healthy, convenient, and affordable transportation

If you drill down in the report a little more, you'll find specific references to Safe Routes to School, Complete Streets, and other things that are on the radar screen for Omaha if not already underway.

Just more "water cooler talking points" for us as we continue to advocate for active transportation in Omaha!

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