Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Stolen Bike Happy Ending!

You may recall the APB we put out a couple of weeks ago about a bike stolen from the Mutual of Omaha area. Well, we have good news to report, via BOCC Team Captain Ken Curran:

Hi Julie - For what it's worth, my co-worker took my advice and checked a couple of pawn shops near here a couple of days after the incident and located her bike. She is still in the paper work processing part with the police and expects to get it back by next week. On a side note, the police caught the individual responsible and have connected him with at least 16 stolen bikes that were pawned many in the last month. The officer working the case indicated there are at least 6 bikes (some fairly high end including a Trek 2200) that he cannot trace to an owner. So if you could spread the word to any others who have had a bike stolen to check with the OPD it may be worth their while.

(NOTE: The unclaimed bikes with the OPD that Ken mentions here are the bikes that I have on the list that I posted about a few days ago.)

Lessons learned: Get a U-Lock, be sure to record your bike's serial number so that you can submit it to the police, let us know so that we can blog/facebook/tweet the APB!

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