Sunday, July 11, 2010

Advocacy Alert: Public Meeting for Keystone Connector Trail

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Activate Omaha about the trail system: "When will the connector linking the Keystone to the Field Club Trail be done?"

Check out this article in Sunday's OWH to see the latest update regarding neighbor's concerns about the re-route of the connector that has been proposed. Also note that there will be a public meeting that will address these issues. Please plan to attend!

6:30 p.m. July 29 at the Salvation Army Kroc Center, 2825 Y St

In the mean time, check out this article from about studies done related to safety concerns and property values and public trails. A snipit on about the findings:

"Homeowners nationwide express the same concerns and fears about proposed trails in their neighborhoods. But studies in various parts of the United States seem to show that concerns about trails lowering property values and increasing crime are unfounded. In fact, trails have consistently been shown to increase (or have no effect on) property values, to have no measurable effect on public safety, and to have an overwhelming positive influence on the quality of life for trail neighbors as well as the larger community."

UPDATE: You can find more details and comments at this KETV online article (consider leaving comment if your so inclined). This overhead Google map may also help show you the area in question. I counted 7 high risk traffic crossings in the 1/2 mile section from 42nd to 36th if the proposed trail follows the sidewalk on the South side of D Street.


Don Kuhns said...

Moving the trail onto D street sounds like a really silly idea to me, and the reason put forth seems suspicious.

"It would be safer than the railroad track route because it would be more visible and less isolated". Please. Since when does anyone care about recreation trails being visible from the street? And what's safer about forcing trail users to cross a street twice?

It seems probable that one or more businesses, most likely the lumberyard(there really isn't much else down there) complained, and whoever is planning this thing decided homeowners would be easier to push around.

This D Street plan is wack, and I think we should fight to get the trail back by the railroad tracks where it belongs.

Biker Bob said...

Hi Don. We highly suggest that you attend the public meeting to voice your concerns/suggestions.

Don Kuhns said...

Thanks, Bob. I intend to do just that.

I would also add, in reference to the article, that there is a significant difference between owning property adjacent to a trail/greenspace and actually having a trail go through your front yard and across your driveway, particularly with regard to safety. The safety of trail users, home owners and their families is my primary concern, and the main reason I oppose the D Street idea.

Lanny said...

I understand Don's concerns. If I recall correctly, D street is fairly wide. Additionally, traffic is NOT heavy. Why not let the street "be the trail" for those few blocks. Post some "share the road" signs and put markers at the trail heads explaining that the "trail" continues X number of blocks east/west. For hikers and pedestrians,assure that the sidewalks are in good condition and maintained as such AND install appropriate crosswalks markers in the street. Again, proper signage would aid safety.