Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Volunteers Needed

The group organizing the Corporate Cycling Challenge on August 15 is looking for volunteers to help run the water stop at Fort Calhoun.

Details: Set up at 8:30 at the city park in Fort Calhoun. About 8 volunteers are needed to hand out food and water to about 2000 plus cyclists in about two hours time. We are usually done at about 11:15.

Bonus: BOCC riders will earn bonus points if they also ride in the Corporate Cycling Challenge. We will also extend bonus points to any BOCC rider that volunteers at the event!! (Bonus = doubling the total points earned during the final week of the BOCC.)

As you know, proceeds from this event paid for the 50 bike racks that you are in the process of being installed in the downtown and midtown area, and we want to support those who support us! Please contact Julie at jharris (at) activateomaha (dot) org if you are interested in helping.

Spread the word!!

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