Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If they can do it...

One of our readers just forwarded this article to us (thanks Derek). 

Inside Minnesota's Booming Bike Economy

Surely you've noticed them. The urban hipsters on their retro steel frames. Commuters lugging backpacks and pannier bags. Racers in spandex. They’re bicyclists, and by all measures, they’re multiplying on Twin Cities streets. This spring Bicycling Magazine named Minneapolis “America’s Best Biking City,” edging out perennial powerhouse Portland, to the chagrin of Oregonians, and to the surprise of the rest of the country. Despite our tough winters, we have the second-most bike commuters per capita, more than 120 miles of bike lanes and paths, and the nation’s newest and largest bike-share program.


Steve said...

Just moved up to Minneapolis from Omaha. The development has been quite a bit more dense around here. It's true, though - bicycles everywhere.

christopher said...

Nice article! I was wondering if there are leagues or races in our region too because I am inspired to bike as well. There are organization that do this for a cause and I want to participate too.

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john said...

It would be great to see more bicycle infrastructure in the city. More bicycle lanes, or better yet separate bike paths between the street and side-walk. It would also be great to someday see a bikestation like New York or Washington DC has near the mall here in downtown Omaha!

Biker Bob said...

Steve... let us know if you see anything that you think would be a logical next step in Omaha.

christopher... there are several racing groups and clubs in Omaha. Examples (Trails Have Our Respect, Nebraska Cycling Association, and most bike shops have clubs and group rides).

john... all great ideas. OmahaBikes will continue to push for infrastructure like this. Bicyle lanes and bike routes are one of the first things that have already started to happen.