Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Join Us!

The wait is finally over!

The press conference announcing the city's new Bike/Ped Coordinator will be on Wednesday, Sept 8 at 2pm at the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.

Ideally, we'd like to have as many cyclists attend as possible...which, given the 2pm annoucement may be problematic, but if you have any flexibility with your schedule, we'd love to have your support!  Julie and Matt will be rolling in at the last minute, but perhaps those interested could meet up at Blue Line and ride over from there at 1:45? 

We can't wait to begin collaborating with Carlos, and he is already planning on attending this month's Omaha Bikes meeting on September 14.  (Another date to mark on your calendar!) 

Spread the word - this is going to be a great day for cycling in Omaha!!


Patrick said...

Simple question: Is "Blue Line" = Blue Line Coffee at 50th and Underwood, or is "Blue Line" = some bike route that I do not know? If neither, what is "Blue Line"?

Biker Bob said...

Blue Line = Blue Line Coffee at 749 North 14th Street

D said...

Great turnout today, but the media in Omaha is extremely uneducated when it comes to active transportation, especially Tom Becka with KFAB. He was off base with most of his comments and questions.

A few people from the bike community tried to inform him after the press conference but I suspect it when in one ear and out the other.

In most communities it is usually the bike community at odds with the city, in our case it is the media. The city has embraced bicycling and is trying to make Omaha a more bike friendly community.

I would like to leave this alone, but Becka stirs the pot with his misinformation and he really needs to report the facts.

The question I have: How do we deal with Tom Becka?

Patrick said...

Unfortunately Tom Becka has a large microphone and a small mind. Based on what I heard from him at the press conference (I didn't know who he was until afterward) he is the type of short-sighted, backwards-thinking person who lacks the ability to empathize or understand any viewpoint aside from his own. After all Becka did ask why Omaha needed a new bike/ped coordinator rather than just letting the bike shops tackle everything (a horribly ignorant question, in my opinion). Engaging him in debate is pointless. I think the best strategy is to ignore people like him and to continue to advocate for and support progress like Omaha hiring its first bike/ped coordinator, and increasing the number, safety, and visibility of available routes.

john said...

Anyone have a clip or know of an archive of what Tom Becka was talking about?

john said...

I found it!!!

Biker Bob said...

Tom is a product of his audience. He asks the questions that his listeners want him to ask.

I suggest ignoring him until he starts asking relevant questions.

Anonymous said...

I hope Omaha has a better experience with Carlos Morales than some of us in Los Angeles did.

One of his job responsibilities with the City Department of Transportation was overseeing the installation of new bicycle racks, which was done without consistent (or any?) standards. One outrageous example are three in front of Hollywood Neighborhood City Hall, which are placed so close to a brick planter that a "properly" parked bicycle has one wheel on the ground and the other up in the planter. When requested to re-install the racks, Mr. Morales blamed the installer and refused to accept responsibility. Despite an angry promise last May to look into the matter, the racks remain as they have been for the past year -- improperly installed.

For many years there were no bicycle racks in front of the public entrance to Los Angeles City Hall. Some were finally (properly) installed a month after Mr. Morales left town.

Good luck, Omaha.

Biker Bob said...

Glenn... thank you for your efforts to keep us informed by posting this exact same comment on every post pertaining to Mr. Morales.