Wednesday, October 27, 2010

News worthy and plain old fun: Sharrow alert!

Our new Bike/Ped Coordinator (Carlos Morales) forwarded this information to us today.

Good day all. This is the Bike/Ped Coordinator for the City of Omaha with some post worthy news. Coming back from lunch today I bumped into Omaha City Crews installing the initial paint markings for the sharrows along Jackson Street. This is part of the pilot 20 mile bike loop. As a bike geek I get really excited when I see fresh paint on the street! Take a look:

The work crews were placing the bicycle stencils down first to avoid having the paint smudge. They will then come back to paint the chevrons which will ultimately complete these sharrows. This section will be part of the Aksarben Route. On a little side note, I would like to thank our wonderful crews out there braving the fierce wind while they try to get the markings down on the ground. They even told me that the wind was blowing so hard earlier that the stencil almost became an impromptu kite! Here is an inside look at the stencils they use!

For those of you unfamiliar with Sharrows here is a good article on sharrows (I know this is a shameless plug but that was the blog I started in LA!) Hopefully, in the near future I will be able to post more information regarding sharrows that is more specific to Omaha. Ride safe!


ananth said...

Carlos I haven't seen that fancy fixie of yours yet

john said...

The 14th street bike lane is almost done as well and the sharrows on 15th street are now in. 16th street is almost complete with only about 3 blocks or so to do from levenworth north. Now just waiting for that vinton street lane!!! That will cover nearly half of my commute with lanes. Truly a great time to be a commuter cyclist in Omaha (Well ok, other than the approaching winter season).

Patrick said...

Portland is getting a little crazy with some of its sharrows!

ladot said...

Great job, Carlos!