Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Stolen Bike :(

UGH!  This week's victim is Ben Swan from Greenstreet Cycles. (What is it about shop peeps getting their bikes lifted lately?)

Missing from the NoDo area:
Grey/white Masi fixed 56cm drop handlebar bike. The wheels are tires are white. Front and rear lights, power grips on pedals, small knog seat bag. Bike lock mount on top tube.  Please contact Ben Swan (ben@greenstreetcycles(dot)com).



Scott Redd said...

Cable locks ... bad.

U-locks ... good.

Chris G. said...

From where was it lifted?

Scott Redd said...

I think it was parked in Dundee at the time.

john said...

That's why I go nuts over locks! First I have a o-lock to lock the rear tire to the bike. I then use a u-lock to lock the bike to something solid. Lastly I use a cable lock (sometimes 2) to lock everything again to said solid object. So even if they have both tools to remove the u-lock and cable lock they still have the o-lock to deal with(good luck). So they would have to carry my rather heavy bike. It takes about 4 minutes, but it is worth it to keep my bike!