Monday, November 22, 2010

Interesting Article from NY Times

 Thanks to our friend Chris Seitzer for forwarding this New York Times article titled "Expansion of Bike Lanes Brings Backlash."  It is an interesting look at what is going on right now in NYC and the political pressure that has come to bear on some of the bike infrastructure projects they have been implementing. 

I think NYC's bike/ped coordinator is going to be one of the featured speakers at the National Bike Summit in March; it will be interesting to hear her perspective on this what what advice she has for others that are "fighting the good fight."

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john said...

Sadly we are already experiencing a bit of this here. I have had many "discussions" with people about the lanes, and most have not been pleasant. Most of the time they end with the driver threatening to run down cyclists that are on the road. Then there is the inevitable "pay your way" discussions or even stick to the sidewalks (what part of "walk" do we not get?).