Thursday, January 13, 2011

Indoor Trainer Rides

Many thanks to our friend Pete Lieben with the Omaha Pedalers who has once again collected and summarized all of the indoor trainer rides going on at the various Omaha-area bike shops! 



Tired of staring at the wall or Wheel of Fortune while pedaling alone mindlessly on your bike trainer? Want a diversion from the gym? How about joining friends and fellow cyclists for rigorous exercise at one of your favorite places—the local bicycle shop! Numerous Omaha bicycle stores offer free cycling training sessions during the winter season.  This is a great opportunity to visit those stores that you always thought you wanted to see but never quite got around to. And…you get a great workout.

Bike Masters
5265 N 129th St (Corner of 129 St & Fort St)
(402) 964-1080

Wednesdays at 6:00 pm and a Saturday ride at 9:00 am. Bring your bike and trainer. Check for updates and changes at our Facebook page, “Bike Masters Cycling”.  All are welcome.

Bike Rack
14510 Eagle Run Dr

Saturdays meet at 8:15am with riding starting at 8:30am
Wednesday meet at 5:45pm with riding starting at 6:00pm
Sessions will last about 1 hour

What You Need
Your bike and your trainer or rollers.
Cycling clothes and shoes if you use them (Helmets are not required unless you tend to fall off your trainer.)
Water bottle and towel

If you do not already own a trainer stop in to the shop today and let us help you pick one out. Indoor trainers are a great way to keep in biking form all year long. (If you need a trainer, call ahead to see if we have extra trainers available). If you would rather not lug your bike and trainer back and forth to the shop for each session we can also store your bike and trainer in our warehouse between sessions at no cost.

Bike Way
15115 Industrial Road
(402) 392-2390

Mondays from 6:00-8:00 pm beginning January 18. Bring your own bike and trainer or call ahead for trainer availability.

Greenstreet Cycles
1302 Mike Fahey St.
(402) 505-8002

Monday night ride (outside). Meet at 7:15 pm and leave at 7:30.
Also, to keep you flexible and limber, a yoga session Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30. ($5.00 charge)
Will announce indoor winter training later.

Trek Bicycle Store of Omaha
8410 S. 73rd Plaza (Papillion)
(402) 935-1988

Tuesday-6:00 pm-8:00 pm
Saturday-8:00 am-9:30 pm

These rides are designed for the everyday cyclist from the novice to the expert. Please come out and join us for some cycling fun and maybe a cheesy 80's flick. Bring your trainer. We will have some but call ahead for availability.


dale said...

I'm confused as to how an outdoor ride made it onto and indoor trainer ride list?

SKI said...

I'm confused as to why folks can't get on a bike and go ride outside. It ain't that bad :)

john said...

Well said ski. So far this winter I have missed one day on my commute to work and that was on Monday when it was still snowing. Though I have not been on a recreation ride in over 2 months. Spring get here quick!

dale said...

I agree. I ride an outdoor Monday night ride also. But that's not an indoor trainer ride.

Maybe the current outdoor rides from the various Omaha area shops should be collected and summarized under Outdoor Winter Rides?

dale said...
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Biker Bob said...

Dale... I removed "Monday" from the BM rides. Sorry about that.

miah said...

I should point out that The Trek Bicycle Store (south) also has a yoga session on Wednesday nights from 7-8pm. There is no cost to attend these sessions.