Saturday, February 19, 2011

Get Ready for DEVO!

No, not that kind of Devo.

Devo, as in, developmental mountain bike program!

A great group of folks have been working hard over the winter to create this program that will launch this spring:  Experienced riders/coaches will be teaching kids the basics of mountain biking during weekly practices at Tranquility Park (NW Omaha) and Swanson Park (Bellevue).  Boys and girls of all ages and abilities are welcome.

Kids will be broken into groups according to age and interest: those wanting to learn the beginning skills so that they can ride for fun on their own, and those interested in taking their skills to the next level in a more competitve way via more specialize coaching and ability to participate in short kids races that will be set up at local adult mountain bike races. 

Follow Omaha Devo on Facebook or check their blog for all the details, whether you have a child that might be interested or if you would like to get involved via volunteering.  Registration for the spring session begins soon!

Kudos to the mountain biking community for coming together to form this program!

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frankenbike said...

My son will only participate if he gets to wear one of those helmets.