Monday, February 28, 2011

Stolen Bike Alert!

Please be on the lookout for an orange cross bike, an Lemond Poprad, recently stolen from local bicyclist, artist extraordinaire, and All-Around Good Guy Bill Hoover. This is not a picture of Bill's bike, but should be awfully close. There can't be too many out there looking like this on the Omaha streets. Bill eschews email, but I don't, so contact me with any leads:

If your bike gets stolen, here's what you should do to maximize the chances of getting it back!


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Karen said...

Twice my stolen bicycles have been returned to me. Keep the faith. Keep asking the police department (who had my bike both times--thank god i had the serial number!). Writing my name in my helmet got me the second bike back! They called me and asked if I wanted my helmet back. Heck yes, but I'd prefer my bike. A few details later, my bike is back!