Friday, April 29, 2011

New Bicycle Friendly Destination Additions

Some fun announcements in the Bicycle Friendly Destination department!

*Crane Coffee (all locations now!):  10% off if you ride your bicycle there and show them your helmet.

*Jake's in Benson:  $1.00 off any drink Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays evenings from 5-7p.m.

*Aroma's at 11th and Jones:  has been a BFD for a while now, but just recently started offering a 10% discount when you ride there!

*The Greater Omaha Chamber 13th and Harney: outdoor seating in the back courtyard with tables and chairs, a big screen t.v. that will broadcast the CWS games, and a bunch of bike parking that is surrounded by security cameras!

Thanks to all who are supporters of cycling in Omaha!!



john said...
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NFP-UNO said...
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Mike said...

This is great to see businesses recognize the need for alternate forms of transportation, with discounts no less. I hope the establishments will have a sign posted for those who may not know that they qualify for a discount. Or better yet if the staff and these places notice a bike helmet or cleats that they would automatically apply the discount to said customer. I would like to see a challenge put out to other companies in regards to this type of offer. As a side note it would be nice if these places as well as many others would have staple racks installed to encourage people to ride instead of drive.