Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More New Bicycle Friendly Destination Additions

More of these fine establishments are popping up all over the place!

My two new fav's are New York Chicken & Gyro (16th and Farnam) which gives you a free drink with a sandwich purchase if you ride there...

and Q Consumables in Little Italy off of 6th and Poppleton(ish) which isn't currently doing a discount but is eager to support cycling in Omaha.
Stop by and say hello!  Tell them Omaha Bikes sent ya.


<3 TIM said...

two of my most frequented restaurants for sure! also Jakes in Benson JUST added a dollar off select beers for riders, which happen to be really tasty (and potent too, so pace yourself)

john said...

So new york chicken has a bike rack now? No more locking to parking meters???? Not that they have the healthiest food, but it is mighty tasty!

Mike said...

Just saw your article in the newspaper today, nice job. While I do applaud this program, why the $5.00 fee to be listed? I would consider donating money to Omaha Bikes for such costs, I'm sure others would as well. I guess to me it becomes a slippery slope taking money for a listing on your site about being bike friendly. Your most recent post about NY Chicken & Gyro and Q Consumables seems more like an advertisement to me know than it does an advocacy approach.
I did notice that you mention the $5 fee in your Bicycle Friendly section, but you have to go to that tab to know that information. If someone is simply reading your most recent updates and sees your suggestion for said establishment, it can be misleading.
Ya'll are doing a great job anyways. Just my thoughts after seeing the article today.

<3 TIM said...

nope, no bike rack yet! Countryside Village is another spot that needs them!