Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time to Bike to the Ballpark!!!!

You want to attend the College World Series.  Great.  How you gonna get there?  Drive?

Are you NUTS???? 

Let us solve all of your troubles.  Bike to the Ballpark!!!  Omaha Bikes will be operating valet bicycle parking during every game of the CWS.  The bike corral will be located on Mike Fahey Street between 13th & 14th.  Yes, you read that right, and YES, it is ONE BLOCK FROM THE STADIUM!!!  Hours of operation will be 1 hour before the first pitch until 30 minutes after the last out.

Roll on up.  We'll check your bike and give you a claim ticket.  You enjoy the game while we watch your ride.  You come back within 30 minutes of the last out, give us your claim ticket, and we give you back your bike.  Easy peasy, lemon squeazy. 

You don't even have to ride the whole way - find a parking space farther out and then ride in from there.  If you want to hang around after the game, be sure to bring your lock, and we'll direct you to any of the growing number of permanent bike racks in the downtown and north downtown area.  And don't forget to bring your light if you come for the evening game! 

Now is the chance to create a whole new set of CWS traditions - make riding your bike one of those!  Spread the word!!!


john said...

What I like most of all this year is that the official CWS site actually mentions bicycle parking! This is a BIG step forward. While I don't expect more than a dozen to actually ride to the park it is a sign that things are changing for the better. Now if only we could get some lanes in south Omaha and especially on South 24th!

Sarah J said...

65 yesterday John! Exciting stuff, eh? Thanks for being excited with us!! -SJ

El Guapo said...

I had the honor of being the very first biker to take advantage of valet parking at the very first CWS game downtown. I love being first!

Thanks so much to the OmahaBike gang there who took such good care of me and my 1960 Huffy Daisy tandem. Unbeevalbe fun!

Pete Duryea
Velo Veloce/Greenstreet Cycling Club

john said...

Wow, 65! That is a sizable chunk of one parking lot if they all would have driven an automobile. Good work!

AOJules said...

We actually ended up parking about 100 bikes on Saturday when it was all said and done... it was 65 when I did the interview that afternoon! Today (Sunday), we had parked 85 bikes by the time I left (5pm), and the 6:00 game crowd was just barely starting to roll in. Can't wait to hear the final number from tonight!!

AOJules said...

And thank you to all of our awesome volunteers!!! It has been great to meet so many new people!

dancilhoney said...

I stopped by this morning to check them out. Very cool. I'm looking forward to taking a couple out for a spin with my wife in a few weeks.

Concert Diva