Friday, October 7, 2011

Lucky Bucket Ride - benefitting Omaha Bikes & T.H.O.R.!

The inaugural Lucky Bucket Ride will be on Saturday, October 8 and will consist of 3 riding events to choose from that have something for everyone. In addition, you will not want to miss out on the Lucky Bucket After Party featuring the Nebraska Vs. Ohio State game, free food and of course, Lucky Bucket Brew. All events will start and end at the Bellevue Berry Farm and will benefit two outstanding trail organizations Omaha Bikes and T.H.O.R. (Trails Have Our Respect)

Lucky Bucket Brewery Ride 3:00-6:00pm
Swanson Mountain Bike Ride 4 -6pm
Haunted Kids Ride 6:00-6:30pm

Lucky Bucket After party featuring Nebraska vs. Ohio State Football game 7-11pm

Event Details

Lucky Bucket Brewery Ride $25 -A BENEFIT FOR OMAHA BIKES
Course: Paved bike path/gravel road
Distance: 20 miles
Highlights: Includes Brewery Tour, Free tasting, Free T-shirt, Husker Spirit Award (show us what you've got, heck even paint that old bike red)
Requirements: Helmet, mountain, cross, or hybrid bike suitable for gravel roads

Swanson Mountain Bike Ride $25 -A BENEFIT FOR T.H.O.R. (TRAILS HAVE OUR RESPECT)
Course: Bike path, gravel road, single-track
Distance: 10+ miles (depending on how many laps you do at Swanson)
Highlights: Midwestern Single-track, Free T-shirt (adult sizes only), Husker Spirit Contest
Requirements: Helmet, Mountain bike

Haunted Kids Ride: - FREE
Course: Ride around Bellevue Berry Farm's Haunted Hay-rack Ride route on bikes. (Low Scare Factor, High Fun for the young ones)
Distance: 1 mile
Highlights: Wooded dirt road with the an age appropriate spooky feel for the youngsters
Requirements: Helmet

Lucky Bucket After Party: $10
Highlights: 1 free LB craft beer, NU vs. OSU game, free food, and fire pit
Requirements: 21 & over for craft brew.

***You can purchase this when you register by checking the box at the bottom of the "RIDER INFORMATION" form

***Please note the Lucky Bucket After Party is Limited to 200 people

Additional Features (cost not included in entry fee)
· Hay-rack rides
· Pumpkin picking
· Haunted House

FUN!  Register here:


cgilbert said...

Doesn't give the date...

BlogDaCzech said...

The Nebraska vs Ohio State football game is on Saturday, October 8th. I'm guessing it's that afternoon.

Omaha Bikes said...

Yikes! I did a cut/paste for this and must have left out the part with the date! I've updated the post, but you are right, it is Saturday, October 8. It will be a fun event - I hope you will join us!!

Roxy said...

If the weather doesn't permit the rides at Swanson, we'll be sure to update this page before 3pm so that those who were going to do the Swanson ride can make the Lucky Bucket tour instead as an option. THOR doesn't permit riding on muddy trails (plus it's not very fun).