Friday, September 30, 2011

new entrance to big papio off blondo

There are many "gaps" in Omaha's biking system - a short stretch with no biking infrastructure on a trail or between trails, lanes, etc. I'm happy to see that one simple gap is being remedied!

Connecting the Big Papio Trail to Blondo St. sidepath.

The Big Papio Trail exit to the sidewalk on the south side of Blondo is still available, but now bikers don't have to ride illegally on a sidewalk to a stoplight to cross Blondo, or ride across the grassy bank, to the sidepath.

Even though all the cement is in place between Blondo and Dodge Sts, the trail is still closed for landscaping. Want to thank Carlos and the city for filling in this connection between two well traveled bike routes. Look forward to using this when it opens!

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