Friday, October 14, 2011

Raise your hand if you'll be bike commuting this winter!

Will you be biking to work this winter?  If so, Activate Omaha needs YOU!

We're coming off the heels of our most successful  Bike Omaha Commuter Challenge ever, and we want to carry the momentum into the winter.

The winter challenge (WBOCC) will be very informal, just giving people the opportunity to log their trips and miles for one big team.  (See the Activate Omaha website for all of the details, and then register at .) 

Here is the important part:  Having the ability to show concrete numbers to the Powers That Be about the number of people riding is worth its weight in gold to us in our quest to make Omaha more bike friendly.  We are getting a good handle on those riding during the warm weather months.  We hope that you will help us by signing up and logging those winter trips and miles, even though it might seem silly to you.

Want to bike to work over the winter, but not sure about what kind of gear you need?  Omaha Bikes will have you covered on that!  We will be hosting a Winter Bike Commuting Clinic on October 23.  More info coming to this space very soon!!


munsoned said...

I hope this motivates people to compete this winter. I'll be out there every weekday that there isn't a fresh foot of snow on the ground.

john said...

As always I will be out not matter the weather. As much as I dread winter, I almost look forward to riding in the snow. Lets just hope the city clears the streets well enough to give ALL road users room.

NPB said...

I am very happy Activate Omaha decided to extend the commuter challenge. To a fun, SAFE winter commute!