Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bike Safety Class - Sat, Nov. 19th


Mike said...

$20 seems a bit expensive in my opinion. Not to mention the folks who should really be taking this class are the drivers of Omaha. There are more than enough "free" group rides that people can partake in to develop better and safer riding skills. Just get out and ride, no class room work necessary.

AOJules said...

Mike - We need to cover our costs for the materials that we get from the League of American Bicyclists and also pay the instructor for their valuable time that they are giving up during a Saturday.

Group rides on rural highways or trails are fun and beneficial, but don't provide the same experience as an urban ride on city fact, I know plenty of experienced and speedy road riders that are too nervous to ride in traffic in town!

The class isn't for everyone, but we're doing our part to keep the cost down and help those who want to learn in a more structured environment.