Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dec 22 - BKB Holiday Bike Ride

Cyclists, Get your bikes blinged up for our Holiday Ride across the Pedestrian Bridge. A group will be gathering around 6:15 at the Riverside Grille parking lot and ride over the Bob Kerrey Bridge to DJ's Dugout. Plan to stop on the bridge to admire the Omaha Skyline and the Dazzling Array of Lights.  Be sure to dress warm and bring your holiday cheer.


Blades said...

Sweet, Another Holiday Ride. I’m going to make a hooky afternoon out of it.

- 1:30 Son’s of Italy for a late lunch
- 2:30 Park and ride ‘urban assault’ from the Boatyard lot
- 4:30 Warm up at a local pub in the Downtown area.
- 5:30 Head over the bridge to meet the group at Riverside

nosin said...

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Stunning Dude said...

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johny said...

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