Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Bike Friendly Destinations!

Thanks to the nice weather, some more Bicycle Friendly Destination inquiries have been popping up.

Bliss Bakery and Aroma's Coffee Shop down at 1033 Jones, just joined the ranks!  10% off if you ride in, and they have indoor bike parking too.  Nice!
 Also, if you're in the mood for a fine selection of punk music on the ol' juke box and some cheap beers while you're at it, head on down to Brother's Lounge for just that.  They're located at 38th and Farnam and when you roll up, just bring your bike inside!  Thanks guys.

Another fun place to check out is The Green Spot located just off the Keystone at 72nd and Pacific in the Shoppes at Aksarben.  They have bike parking in their parking lot and offer 10% off Cycle Dog collars (made of recycled inner tubes!) if you ride in.  While you're in that neck of the woods grab 2 for one cookies at Eileen's Cookies!!  I'm getting hungry just thinking about them...

As always, get out and ride, and if you stumble across a fine establishment that's particularly excited that you arrived via bicycle, go ahead and ask them if they'd be interested in becoming part of our Bicycle Friendly Network.  Have them contact us at either Sarah (at) greenstreetcycles (dot) com, or omahabikes (at) gmail (dot) com.  Or, just have them check out the website. 

Check out our Bike Friendly tab for all of the wonderful places that will encourage you to you needed another reason. 

Happy Spring!!

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