Thursday, June 21, 2012


If you have ever participated in a charity bike ride of any kind, you have surely encountered the greatest SAG mechanic on the planet, the Bike Rack's very own Kelly Smith. If you know Kelly (or "Quadzilla," as we affectionately know him), you will also not be surprised when we tell you that he recently RODE HIS BIKE to the doctor when he wasn't feeling quite right... after which he was diagnosed with some heart abnormalities and put in the hospital for some surgery. Thankfully, he's recovering, and may be the first cardiac patient in history to not need any follow up physical therapy, due to his incredible fitness level. :)

 We would love for the cycling community to show him the same amount of love that he shows his customers every single day - a tall order, to be sure. Please send your cards and well wishes to Kelly c/o the Bike Rack, 14510 Eagle Run Dr, Omaha, NE 68116

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