Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Neb energy plan seeks input

From the Oct 26 OWH 3B. "The state is drafting its first energy plan in about 15 years and will take public comment on three goals: energy independence, job creation/economic development, and energy efficiency for government."

Nebraska Energy Office is suppose to have posted a current energy analysis by today, but the link didn't work as of this posting. I found the 2007 energy assessment starting on page 9. Pages 6-8 describes the different economic sectors' use of energy.

Comments are to be sent to energy@nebraska.gov by Nov. 21.

Conservation is mentioned often. Please consider sending in your recommendations, including that the state encourage alternative transportation by bicycle with infrastructure changes (road and street codes) that increase the subjective safety of bike riders.

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Scott Redd said...

Hi Dale:

The new site looks great. I like the focus on local news, events, and advocacy.

Here's the link to the new energy plan: