Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Community Spotlight (Wholesome, Steel-Cut Goodness)

As part of an ongoing series of posts, BikeOmaha will be highlighting various members of the Omaha biking community. Keep in mind that BikeOmaha is not affiliated with and does not specifically condone all the content you may find at these sites. They are the property of unique individuals with diverse interests and character and therefore contain views and opinions of the author and community surrounding them.

One such member of the Omaha biking community is Brady at his Wholesome, Steel-Cut Goodness blog. Brady has this to say about his blog:

"Why name a blog Steel-Cut? It’s because Irish Steel-cut oats have been fueling many of my workouts since 2003, when I discovered that I liked running competitive foot races. In 2006, my younger brother Brendan handed-down his 1999 GT Zr-4000 road bike, which I began using for cross-training and commuting to work. Inevitably, I entered it in a triathlon and was hooked. In 2007, I purchased my first bicycle as an adult, a Cervelo p2sl Time trial bike. I completed IronmanKansas-70.3 in 2008 and also entered my first pure bicycle race as a CAT5 racer: the Cornhusker State Games Time Trial. Later, I purchased a Nishiki Sebring and dedicated it for commuting where I'm now multimodal: bi-pedal, by bike or by bus. While competition is an end goal, the greater goal is staying fit, reducing my carbon footprint and having fun on two wheels. Now excuse me, a steaming bowl of steel-cut oats with brown sugar, raisins and walnuts awaits."

Check out his blog and join the conversation.

If you know of other community members that you would like to see spotlighted, drop us a comment with the URL and we will take a look.

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