Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Signage Along The Turner Boulevard Trail

The Turner Boulevard Trail has been open for cycling and pedestrian traffic since the Summer of 2008, however, work on parts of the trail still continues.

Near the end of January, an important addition to the trail was added: stop signs and traffic direction signs.

The Turner Boulevard Trail is an urban multi-use pedestrian and cycling trail connecting the Field Club Trail near Pacific Street to Midtown Omaha near Turner Park, also a short ride from Downtown Omaha. With a connection from the Keystone Trail to the Field Club Trail coming late this Summer, the Turner Boulevard Trail will serve as an important route for cyclists looking to ride into Midtown and Downtown Omaha destinations while avoiding automobile traffic.

Turner Boulevard Trail Map

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For more information on the Turner Boulevard Trail signage, please visit the following resource at the Redd-Shift blog:

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