Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Photos from the 2009 Omaha Downtown Master Planning Meeting

Wednesday evening, February 18, 2009, a contingent from Omaha's bike commuter community met at the Blue Line Coffee House in downtown Omaha to prepare for the public meeting for the 2009 Omaha Downtown Master Plan.

An estimated 250 people showed up, exceeding the predicted attendance estimate. Extra tables and chairs were brought in to accommodate the community minded people interested in being a part of the plan to shape downtown's growth for the next 15-30 years.

Cyclists were well represented, as noted by the audible applause response to issues of bike lanes and bike parking.

Mayor Fahey opened the meeting before turning it over the city planners and design groups. Slides were shown and growth statistics cited before the format gave way to small group brainstorming to outline downtown Omaha's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Each table contained about 10 people who listed ideas on poster sized sheets of paper. The director for the HDR planning firm them collated the best ideas from each of the four categories before presenting them for a vote from all in attendence.

The results should eventually be available on the city's website, and also be presented at future public meetings to be held at the main branch of the public library in March. Watch this space for more details.

Below are some photos from the event. If anyone else has any photos, please contact us through the comment form below.

Mayor Fahey opens the meeting

Small groups brainstorm ideas for the downtown Omaha master plan

Maps at each table allow participants to mark out areas of strength, weakness, opportunity and threats to downtown Omaha development

Downtown Omaha's Strengths




Development, and redevelopment of Omaha's downtown is vital to the success of the city as a whole. Participation by not only the city government, and its design contractors, but the citizens is a must. It's great to see so many people turn out on a cold February night to offer their opinions and expertise for the benefit of the city.


Biker Bob said...

Thanks Scott. I took a few pictures as well. I also have the pictures of the final tally sheets from the SWOT analysis.

Scott Redd said...

Thanks, Bob. Please go ahead and edit the article to add the pictures.

I had to cut out a little early since I still needed to ride back home. I didn't get the see the final tallys, and would like to hear more about them.

The Lucas said...

Well Done!

Our Voices Were Heard!

EB said...

Was great to see what Pedal Powered People can bring to the table-

Looking forward to next time, This is just the Beginning!


GetActive said...

I was disappointed to not be able to make it last night!!! Looks like there was a wonderful turnout!! Great job to Bike Omaha for getting the information and opportunities out to the people that care about it!!