Saturday, April 25, 2009

Interesting NYT article

"Can the urban cyclist, he of the ragtag renegade clothes or shiny spandex, grow up and put on a tie? "

I got pointed to this article in the New York Times while checking out the Mellow Johnny's website and thought it was interesting and perhaps blog-worthy.

Some of you may be interested in the information about the new status symbol of Dutch bicycles in NYC; however, the quote that really got my attention was this:

"George Bliss...believes the best P.R. for everyday biking comes from people outside the biking world, not inside.

'I use to think that car culture was the problem, but now I think it’s bike culture,” he said. By that he meant that the discourse about city biking is dominated by cycling zealots who don’t have the desire, or the skill, to attract people who don’t see themselves as cyclists, just as people who ride a bike to work. "

Thought provoking indeed. Let's hear it for all of the BOCC team captains and participants who are great ambassadors (non zealots!!) for bicycle commuting!

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