Thursday, April 23, 2009

Taking Your Bicycle On MAT Bus Now More Predictable

Planning to take your bike on the city bus just got easier. All on-route buses now have bike carrying racks.

Last fall, Omaha's transit authority, Metropolitan Area Transit, introduced bus mounted bike racks to all of their regular sized buses. They did not, however, put the racks on the smaller van-sized buses running on some of the less traveled routes. This made planning a multimodal bike/bus trip difficult, as a rider had no way of knowing if the next bus at their stop would be capable of carrying their bicycle.

Due to mounting hardware difficulties, MAT did not install the racks on the 27 foot buses but the buses remained on route service after the introduction of the racks.

A conversation with a driver this morning revealed that the 27 foot buses have all been reassigned to MOBY service, and should no longer be used for regular route service. MOBY is an advanced reservation curb-to-curb paratransit service operating under the American Disability Act.

So if you've been thinking of taking your bike for a ride on the bus, you no longer have to worry that your bus won't have a rack.


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