Monday, June 22, 2009

20 Mile Bike Loop Update

Check out the article in today's OWH about the 20 mile bike loop!

Great news for Omaha as we continue to become more bicycle friendly.

A check of the Bike Omaha Commuter Challenge stats today reveals:
Trips Logged: 3594 Miles Logged: 52296

go, go, go!!!!


dale said...

I liked what I saw on the map - all the way out Leavenworth; routes with destinations and connections in mind.

First route from downtown to Benson at 60th and Maple. I'm wondering where they will route from Miami St when it deadends at Military? Are we going to get lanes on Military? Going north to Maple and Benson High has a pretty steep hill.

Scott Redd said...

Hi Dale:

A while back I took all of the route plans that I could find and mapped them out using google maps.

You can see the result here:

Scott Redd said...

It seems the World-Herald has removed that story from their web site.

Fortunately, an archive of it exists here.